Article Nov 28, 2016

You are no longer passing

Tommy Hilfiger reimagining brand for next generation

Tommy Hilfiger is focused on reimagining his brand for the digital age.

The American fashion designer founded his eponymous label in 1985, where he has built up a reputation for preppy sportswear and suits.

Now, Tommy is gearing the label towards Millennials, and cites his use of social media to promote his New York Fashion Week show in September (16), where he transformed the South Street Seaport into a public carnival, as a resounding success.

"The show garnered over two billion impressions on social media," Hilfiger told Fast Company. "The whole idea is that through social media, you really have the opportunity to keep your brand young."

But Hilfiger isn’t merely aligning all of his attention to social media, and insists that his marketing team do careful research in each new market, and tailor a collection or product to a specific place or country.

For instance, he claims that customers in Germany like heavier fabrics and darker colors, while clients in Spain and Shanghai prefer brighter colors.

And the strategy has paid off, with the business showing steady growth around the world.

"Originally, when we started expanding overseas, I think the people in Europe and Asia were embracing the whole American casual lifestyle," Hilfiger shared. "But now, we've evolved to be more of a global brand."

Meanwhile, Hilfiger reveals that he is working on more events like the Tommy Pier carnival and capsule collection with model Gigi Hadid, named Tommy x Gigi.

He is also interested in expanding further into the Middle East, after the launch of his Ramadan collection last year (15) was well received.

But no matter where his clothes are sold, he is adamant that they will retain a youthful and fun edge.

"Keeping the brand younger keeps it cool,” said Hilfiger.