Article May 19, 2019

You are no longer passing

Victoria Beckham detoxes on lavish healing holiday

Victoria Beckham rid herself of toxins during a lavish healing holiday in Germany this week (beg13May19).

The former Spice Girls star-turned-fashion mogul took some time off to detox at the Lanserhof health and spa resort in Tegernsee and she couldn't be happier about the solo experience, joking her husband David Beckham missed out on not joining her.

"Loved staying at @lanserhof. Thank u @healingholidays and everyone who sent me their top tips on staying balanced," she wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday as part of a caption attached to a close-up image of herself lying down on white sheets in a white towel and robe.

"Seems I need to be listening to true crime podcasts and having a glass of wine every now and then," she added. "And if all else fails, keep wearing some good shoes. @davidbeckham you’re just jealous you didn’t come," signing off the post with a laughing emoji and her initials.

The luxurious Lanserhof resort and medical centre is located in the Bavarian Alps with stunning forest views. The facility has psychological and traditional medicine practitioners on site to offer attendees state of the art wellness services as they detox as part of the company's signature LANS Med Concept detoxification, purification and de-acidification program, which lasts from 12 to 16 days. The detox program costs around $10,000, according to The Mirror.

Victoria shared a number of updates on Instagram Stories as she detoxed at the wellness facility, posting shots from her adventures riding a bike in the Bavarian hills, the vitamins she took, and the Mondquelle branded water - a product which taps into special bio-frequencies in the body.