Article Oct 24, 2016

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Vivienne Westwood urges mothers to focus on children, not work

Vivienne Westwood has urged women who can’t strike balance between their work and home lives not to have kids.

The famous fashion designer spoke as part of the Cheltenham Literary Festival in the U.K. on Sunday (16Oct16) and discussed whether childcare was a positive thing because it allows mothers to go back to work. Known for speaking her mind, Vivienne didn’t hold back when she told the audience that she thinks women shouldn’t work at all if they wanted children.

“When I was young my mother didn’t go out to work. We were quite poor. She was a weaver, my father went round with a van for the green grocery,” she recalled, adding that her mum made herself ill by getting asthma through worrying she wasn’t looking after her offspring properly.

“If you don’t want children and you don’t want to spent time with them, try not to have them. The worst thing is everybody is having to go out to work. I think these things happen by public pressure.”

Despite her strong views, 75-year-old Vivienne raised two sons while dabbling between being a jewelry designer and a primary school teacher - welcoming Ben in 1963 with her first husband Derek Westwood and Joseph in 1967 with musician Malcolm McLaren.

At the beginning of 2016, Vivienne decided to make her brand more of a family affair - adding her current husband Andreas Kronthaler’s name to her label. The pair tied the knot in 1992 and Andreas is his wife’s long-time designer partner too.

"Over the years, Andreas has taken on ever-more responsibility, and I wish this fact to be reflected in public perception," the fashionista said in a statement.