Article May 13, 2019

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Whoopi Goldberg to launch size-inclusive clothes line

Whoopi Goldberg is to launch a size-inclusive fashion collection.

The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award winner is now turning her hand to fashion, and is releasing a contemporary line – called Dubgee – featuring trousers, tunics and dresses.

“For me, the idea has always been to be comfortable,” she told Business of Fashion. “I never want to explain why I have something on... Who’s to tell you it’s wrong? Nobody. If I’m happy, leave me alone about what I’ve got on.”

Dubgee launches on 15 May, with prices ranging from about $90 (£69) to $400 (£307), and sizes up to a 3X.

Goldberg’s business partner on Dubgee is Gary Wassner, the founder of investment firms Hilldun and Interluxe. The pair met in 2015 when they sat together at a Jeremy Scott runway show in New York.

Wassner said the Ghost star is a "modern Martha Stewart" with a broad appeal.

“She really is a fashion icon: she knows exactly who she is, there is no pretending there is nothing phoney about how she dresses,” he smiled.

In recent weeks, Goldberg has worn Dubgee pieces on U.S talk show The View, and posted about the upcoming launch on Instagram.

“This is as serious to me as anything else I’ve done in my life,” she raved. “The first thing you should communicate is, ‘I like me.’ I think the motto of the company is, ‘The last thing you should ever fret about is what’s in your closet.’”

The 63-year-old has ambitions to expand her fashion business, and is currently working on a childrenswear line called Oopi by Whoopi, named after her granddaughter’s nickname for her.

Previously, Goldberg dipped her toes into the design game with a line of ugly holiday sweaters.