Article Dec 21, 2016

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Will Smith charmed New Yorkers with trailer block party

Will Smith hosted a block party in the middle of New York City while shooting his new film Collateral Beauty so residents wouldn't make a fuss about his massive trailer.

The Suicide Squad star's luxury, three-story trailer, where he relaxes and works out whenever he's filming on location in the U.S., has become as famous as Will in recent years, and he had it parked in the Big Apple's trendy SoHo area while working on his new drama.

Will's co-star Edward Norton reveals some locals weren't too happy with the sight of his huge home from home, but the fun-loving actor won them all over by inviting them to an impromptu sidewalk bash, complete with a performance of his classic DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince hit Summertime.

"People in their fifth floor loft (in SoHo) were saying, 'Why am I looking out of my bedroom window and seeing Will Smith hitting the gym?'" Norton shared on breakfast show Good Morning America. "But where anyone else would have a mob complaining, he turns it into a block party and everybody's singing Summertime in their underwear! It's crazy."

"I've never seen anybody charm a crowd like him, ever!" he added.

The stars play best friends and business partners in Collateral Beauty, and Edward admits the actors bonded over their shared love of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

"Will has an incredible ability to flip the switch from doing his magic (onscreen) to then being a completely jocular and funny guy," he gushed. "Mostly when I was around, we were both quite obsessed with Hamilton, like everybody else in the world, and Will always had a little (music on). Suddenly you would hear a piece of the soundtrack just start from the corner of the soundstage."

And Edward insists their chemistry offscreen "made it easy" for them to portray pals in the film.

"I think that finding that we had a really easy rhythm together just fed the film."

The movie also stars Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, and Kate Winslet, and Norton admits spending time with the British actresses onset was a real joy.

"When you have the Brit-pack of Helen, Kate, and Keira Knightley all around you, there's no reason to leave, really," he smiled. "And they all have very caustic, British sense of wit and sense of humor; we love it."