Article Dec 28, 2016

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William H. Macy: 'Emmy Rossum deserves everything in pay dispute'

Veteran actor William H. Macy fully supports Emmy Rossum's bid for higher pay for her work on their hit show Shameless, insisting she "deserves everything".

In the hit U.S. version of the British comedy drama, Macy and Rossum play father and daughter, and the Oscar-nominated star, 66, recently renegotiated his pay deal with production bosses at Warner Bros., increasing his salary, which was already more than the rest of the cast.

The news of his hike prompted Emmy to take another look at her own contract, and she urged TV bosses to pay her the same salary as her TV dad.

The 30-year-old has since stepped up her demands, and she is now reportedly seeking a deal for a higher wage per episode than Macy. Sources insist Rossum could walk away from the show if her demands aren't met.

Insiders told Emmy increased her wage request to make up for previous seasons, when she was not granted pay parity, but the actress has yet to comment on the news, because negotiations are ongoing.

However, Macy has given his co-star his backing, insisting equal pay is long overdue.

Discussing the history of America's Equal Rights Amendment, which was first proposed to Congress in 1923, he tells, "It didn't get passed by both houses of Congress until 1972, (and) it still hasn't been approved by all the states, therefore it didn't make it as an amendment to the Constitution (in 1982). About f**king time, don't you think?"

He then addressed the Shameless contract issue directly, claiming it's only fair Emmy is paid at least as much as he receives.

"She works as hard as I do, she deserves everything," he explains, before quipping, "The only thing I've got over Emmy Rossum is, I'm better looking!"