Article Dec 15, 2016

You are no longer passing

Zendaya designed new clothing line with gender-bending fans in mind

Fans who identify with multiple genders inspired Zendaya to create unisex clothing for her new line, Daya.

The actress/singer made it a primary goal to satisfy her devotees' diverse fashion needs by designing clothes that appeal to people of all walks of life, noting in addition to lifestyle choices, offering sizes for multiple body types was also an important part of her rag trade debut.

"Often, when clothes are made, people forget about the human body that has to go in them," the 20-year-old tells USA Today at her New York City pop-up shop, "which is something I try to think about... 'How is that gonna look on her curves? How is that gonna complement someone's shape?'"

Zendaya adds, "I think a lot of women feel alienated, like they're not included. Most women around me are thick women, those are the people I have in my family, and they should be able to have this accessible to them."

Daya clothes are made in extended sizes ranging from 0 to 22, and the trench coats, pants, bomber jackets and other styles sell for a maximum price of $158 per item.

Zendaya is so proud of the apparel, she is considering expanding the reach of the brand.

“I want to do international pop-up shops... a lot of my international fans are like, ‘When are you coming over!’” the K.C. Undercover star explains, before expressing her interest in having a brand flagship store one day: "This is literally a dream, and now I'm like, 'I need a real store. Let's hurry up and do this, so we can have a real store.'"