Article Oct 29, 2016

You are no longer passing

Zendaya: 'Trends are make-believe'

Actress Zendaya has urged fashion lovers to feel confident in whatever they're wearing, whether or not the outfit is deemed trendy.

The K.C. Undercover star is convinced magazine columns listing what's hot and what's not on the runway are completely made-up.

“I don’t even think I believe in trends, to be honest!” she tells Us Weekly magazine. “I like being a trendsetter and finding new trends. When it comes to, ‘What’s the best color this season?,’ wear whatever color you want!”

Zendaya uses her discerning tastes to create styles for her shoe line Daya, but she hopes to offer up enough of a variety of designs to allow customers to make their own choices about what footwear works best.

“I try my best to make my shoes as beautiful as possible, but also classic, meaning you can wear them with pretty much everything in your closet," she shares. "A good shoe should also be really comfortable.”

Zendaya will be demonstrating her zest for shoes while serving as the spokesperson for the FFANY Shoes on Sale event on Thursday (20Oct16), a charity sale hosted by QVC and the Fashion Footwear Association of New York.

But before she takes the stage for the three-hour segment, she'll probably be snapping a lot of selfies for her social media profiles, and after years of trial and error, the 20-year-old has finally discovered a foolproof formula for taking the perfect self-portrait.

“Always find good lighting! Face toward the window, unless you want to be backlit - and find your angles,” she notes of her selfie strategy. “Pick the right filters. Don’t go crazy and bump up the exposure so much, or you’ll become a blob. People want to see your face - you’re beautiful. Find the right filters to enhance what you have going on.”