Article Nov 25, 2016

You are no longer passing

Zoe Kazan battled anorexia at college

Actress Zoe Kazan survived on as little as 500 calories a day at the height of her anorexia battle.

The Our Brand is Crisis star has opened up about her health struggle in an essay for the New York Times, revealing she was a 19-year-old student when the eating disorder kicked in.

"For a year and a half, I had been struggling with a bout of anorexia that had knocked 20 pounds off my already slim frame," she wrote, recalling she had to weigh-in "multiple times a week" at the Yale Medical Center and also sought help from a therapist.

“The causes for my eating disorder ran along the usual lines: depression, an inability to express my rage, a desire to exert control, a desire to feel less, a desire to have my body express the things my voice could not," she explained.

"That, and I had gotten in the habit of believing it was better to take up less space.”

Although Zoe became happier and put on weight during her first college romance, she went back to her old ways when she and her boyfriend spent a summer apart. It was only when the two came back together and he confronted her about her thinner figure that things changed.

“Dragging the terrible thing into the light can strip it of its potency... but I set a change in motion that night, by telling that one person: 'This is me. I'm not perfect. Can you still love me?'"

Zoe is now in a much better place and is reportedly engaged to longtime boyfriend Paul Dano. The stars, who began dating in 2007, were spotted enjoying dinner at the Grand Army restaurant in Brooklyn, New York in August (16), when Zoe turned heads by flashing a large ring on her left hand.

Representatives for the private pair have yet to comment on the engagement rumors.