Article Apr 22, 2019

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Christian Siriano 'hadn't thought about' accessible fashion until Selma Blair's plea

Christian Siriano hadn't thought about the fashion struggles faced by disabled people until Selma Blair pitched the idea of creating a label to help sufferers.

Selma, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year (18), recently told Vanity Fair that the amount of accessible clothes on the market today is severely lacking, and explained that she wanted to team up with former Project Runway winner Christian to fill that void.

While discussions have yet to officially begin, Christian is keen to see where the conversation may lead.

"I hope we can figure out something. She really wants to do something," he told Entertainment Tonight. "We have to wait until she gets a little better and we can actually, really talk about it.

"There is a need. Someone like her, she's like, 'I can't zip anything up'. And I didn't think about that. That's a really interesting thing, concept, to think about. To think you can't button your jacket."

Christian was crowned the winner of fashion reality series Project Runway back in 2008, and has now returned to the show as a mentor to the contestants, taking the place of Tim Gunn in the new line-up.

Reflecting on his new gig, the 33-year-old smiled that he's come "full circle", and told ET that his approach to the programme is vastly different to Tim and former host Heidi Klum's.

"For me and my perspective, is that I am very real. I treat the designers the same way I treat my team. I try to give them real world opinions and advice as best as I can, whether they want it or not," he grinned.

Karlie Kloss hosts the revamped version of the show, which kicked off its 17th season in March.